2014: The Vintage of Challenges

What a year this was! In the early hours of the morning of 18 October 2013 the temperature dropped to -4C and our Heathcote vineyard was badly frosted.

Sadly 95% of our Sangiovese was lost, 20% of the Nebbiolo and 20% of the Shiraz and Viognier – winemaking is always a gamble and the 2014 vintage was one that tested the dedication and experience of the winemaker. 

A heatwave in January placed further stress on the vines. Vineyard measures such as careful irrigation, straw cover and crop thinning ensured that the fruit harvested was of excellent quality. Mario is very happy with the wines made and they are now developing well in barrel.

Vintage was brief – picking lasted 3 days (14 March for the Viognier/Shiraz, 26 March for the Shiraz and Sangiovese, and 16 April for the Nebbiolo).