2013 Grazia

A savoury, nutty, fruitful Old World white whose dusty, spicy and floral fragrance of melon, apple, pear and fresh yellow flowers are backed by a subtle creaminess. It’s soft but vibrant, with a sweet presence of peach and melon flavour extending down a creamy, nougat-like palate that finishes with meaty, dusty aspects and nervy acids. 91 Points
— Jeremy Oliver

Supple, long and juicy, with a dusty, faintly herbal and spicy bouquet of fresh raspberries, cherries and strawberries overlying a hint of tomato stalk. Backed by nuances of apple and tropical fruits, it moves with length and drive towards a generous and brightly lit finish of lively acids and savoury qualities. 9O points
— Jeremy Oliver

2014 Rosé

2012 Syrah

A fine, lean and nervy shiraz whose spicy, floral aromas of dark plums, small dark berries, redcurrants and briar are lifted by scents of black pepper and a whiff of game meat. Elegant and medium-bodied, it’s a stylish, Old Worldly style whose intense, rather earthy flavours of small black and red berries are supported by fine, dusty tannins, finishing long and leathery with a fresh but rather taut acidity. Just give it time. 92 points.
— Jeremy Oliver

A long, elegant and savoury nebbiolo whose seductively perfumed, floral bouquet of cherries and raspberries with undertones of dried herbs precedes a supple, fine and gentle palate whose even presence of vibrant cherries and berries overlies a very fine, dusty spine, building richness and depth towards a fresh and finely balanced finish. 93 Points.
— Jeremy Oliver

2012 Nebbiolo

2013 Rosé

Light salmon colour; a wave of complexity crashes through the mouth, with a wash of spices first up, then a bowl of cherries of every imaginable type and style. Outstanding food style. Rating 95 Points.
— Jeremy Oliver
Light salmon colour; a wave of complexity crashes through the mouth, with a wash of spices first up, then a bowl of cherries of every imaginable type and style. Outstanding food style. Rating 95 Points. 
— James Halliday - The Wine Companion 2017
Curious to see a Rosé released with almost three years age, but that’s the intent and the wine doesn’t disappoint. It smells of cherry pips, dusty spice cupboard, rose water. In the palate, juiciness but a dry finish, medium weight for rose with a lick of cranberry-pomegranate tartness to close. It’s well done. 92 Points
— Mike Bennie – Wine Business Monthly

Pristine and chalky, with an appealing bouquet of apple, pear and lime juice lifted by creamy suggestions of fresh white flowers. It’s smooth, elegant and creamy, with a pristine of enticing fruit that becomes nutty and savoury towards it’s crisp, marginally sweet but refreshing finish. 92 Points
— Jeremy Oliver, The Australian Wine Annual 2016  

2014 Prosecco

2010 Nebbiolo

It seems a hundred light years since Mario Marson was the winemaker at Mount Mary. These days he reveals his Italian heritage with subtle, age-worthy wines. Nebbiolo is the flagship, an epic in the making, speaking softly at the moment in pretty florals, cherry and raspberry fruits and a little rose-influenced potpourri. So young and fresh but looks can be deceiving. It’s almost criminal to drink now. Go for it.
— Jeni Port, The Age/SMH Good Food, Top 10 Aussie Winter Reds, June 2015
The colour of this noble grape – with its heart in Italy’s northwest and diaspora stretching to several Australian outposts – can be most deceptive: russet tones in its deep reds rather than the more concentrated purples of better known varieties. In reflection it’s a delightful autumnal wine, here with smoky bacon notes, and woody forest eucalypt whiffs as an aromatic intrigue in its savour palate. 4/5 Stars
— Tony Love – The Herald Sun, Taste

2011 Syrah

Medium to full red colour with a trace of purple and also of brick-red. The bouquet shows some positive development, with some meaty, fresh-turned earth and dry-leather aromas, very savoury and very attractive. It’s clean and complex. The palate is medium-bodied and has a touch of leanness, but also proper fruit sweetness in the middle, with pepper, spice and savoury earthy flavours, which are very appealing. Some developed vegetal nuances, too. The tannins are fine and soft albeit drying, and the persistence is satisfyingly long. Very good balance. 91 Points
— Huon Hooke - huonhooke.com

2010 Syrah

Laced with dark flowers and lifted by spicy viognier-driven aromas, it’s scented with sweet red and black berries and fine-grained oak backed by nuances of charcuterie meats and dried herbs. Smooth and silky, it’s gentle and reserved, but its fiery core of dark berry and plum-like fruit builds power and intensity along the palate. Tightly wound around a spine of powdery, dry tannins, it’s long, layered and finely balanced, finishing with briary and savoury complexity. 94 Points
— Jeremy Oliver - jeremyoliver.com

2012 Rosé

Light to medium salmon-pink hue; the aroma showing some lemon and straw aromas, a bit like a white wine. It’s floral, a little riesling-like. The palate is peppery and intense, with a lot of bite. A most unusual rosé in aroma and flavour, but its very intense, concentrated palate of terrific length is hard to ignore. Impressive stuff. 92 Points
— Huon Hooke - huonhooke.com

2009 Sangiovese

Heathcote adds some power and richness to Sangiovese. This has mid-red colour and an earthy edge to the nose, some old oak wood and spice, cherries and clove, some bracken too. The palate’s smooth and fleshy with a tangy middle palate and smooth, flowing sheets of tannin. Chalky, firm finish; good balance. 93/100
— Nick Stock, The Good Wine Guide 2013

2009 Sangiovese

Mario Marson’s pursuit of Italian grapes in Victoria’s red Heathcote dirt is starting to pay handsome dividends. This staggeringly juicy wine demonstrates authenticity towards both grape variety and region.
— Nick Stock, Good Wine Guide 2011 (Awarded Best Italian Varietal)

2008 Syrah

Heathcote shiraz can be very powerful but this beautifully made example, blended with a little viognier, tempers the power a little. It’s poised and complex with loganberry, gentle spice, floral and tobacco-like aromas, followed by a smooth mouthfeel that’s chocolatey-rich, mellow and complete. Soft tannins and good acidity are perfectly integrated.
— Ralph Kyte-Powell, The Age Epicure 2011
With his 2008 Vinea Marson Syrah, Mario Marson has produced a crackerjack drop. This wine tastes wonderful. It’s rich and blackberried but spicy and (remarkably) nutty, too. You put it in your mouth and the fruit flavours feel soft and plush, but the firmness of the tannins give the wine a sense of authority. This wine isn’t all syrah - it’s almost seven per cent viognier - but while it is perfumed and soft, its dark, complex richness is the dominant impression. I loved it from the first sip – and still wanted more as I tipped the bottle upside down to eke out the last drop. As you do.
— Campbell Mattinson, Gourmet Traveller Wine 2011